Community Education Classes

Community Education Classes

I teach on a variety of gardening and bee related topics. From October - May I offer classes through our local LSSD Community Education program. To see a list of currently offered courses click here. If there is a course listed below that is not currently being offered, I am able to provide the same class objectives in an outreach type setting. If you are interested in designing a program on any of the topics listed below, please contact me through the link above.

Gardening With Kids

Are you interested in gardening with your kids? Learn how to get your kids involved in different types of gardening, why this is important, and how to make it fun for the family without feeling like a chore. We will explore fun ways to get all ages involved, understanding where our fruit and vegetables come from, and start to grow something of your own through a hands-on activity. For adults and children; children must be accompanied by an adult.

Edible Gardening

Are you interested in growing your own food but are limited by space, know how, or time? This class will help you to decide what, where and how to grow some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. Despite our limited growing season, there are many edibles that do well in our climate, and many are able to be grown in containers, or other means of gardening formats. Learn the best plant varieties for some of these limiting situations, proper growing requirements, and long term care for several vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

Basic Beekeeping and Basic Beekeeping II

This class is a two part series on honeybees and their care in the Northland. Honey beekeeping is a fascinating hobby but there are some key concepts to caring for them throughout our changing seasons. If you are interested in learning the basics to honey beekeeping, the first session focuses on introductory beekeeping and the second session focuses on the more in-depth details of honey production, swarming, and overwintering.

Gardening with Natives with Special Focus on Pollinator and Wildlife Habitat

Are you interested in adding native plants to your landscape? Do you enjoy watching wildlife, bees, or birds, but have trouble with rabbits or deer munching on your precious ornamentals? This class will focus on those plants that will attract a variety of wildlife and beneficial insects to your landscape, but help to keep the deer and rabbits from destroying those plants you appreciate so much.

Gearing Up for Growing Season

Do you have an interest in gardening and are looking for ideas and tips to get your growing season off to a good start? Learn why gardening is important, the different types of gardens, and how to have success in our short growing season. We will explore ways to extend our short growing season, as well as discuss plant varieties that do well in our growing zone. For beginners through experienced gardeners.

Basic Gardening

Are you interested in what it takes to have a garden.  If you've thought about starting a garden, but aren't sure where to begin, this is the class for you.  We will discuss the basic needs for having a successful garden, and how to keep things low maintenance.  This class will help you to decide what kind of garden space will work for you, and a variety of methods to help achieve healthy happy plants.