Farmers Market and Local Farm Information


Supporting local farms is one way to get to know your food.  Check out the local Two Harbors Farmers Market every Saturday starting in June from 9am – 12pm at Cedar Coffee Company. Because the food is closer to you it is often much more fresh than what you can purchase at the grocery store. No need to read the labels on products purchased here, and you can ask or even see in person how the food was raised and or processed. Prices are also very reasonable, and often the same price as what you would pay at the store or less. There are great local farmers all around us, and if you don’t have the time to connect with each of them, there are numerous Farmer’s Markets and CSA’s around our region.

More markets are staying open during our winter months, and many CSA’s do provide all winter long. Farming is a tough job, and I have only begun to appreciate all that it takes to raise food in our Northern climate. You can find Little Waldo Farm’s fresh produce at the local Two Harbors Farmers Market spring through fall, as well as a slew of other wonderful producers. The link to the Two Harbors Farmers Market’s Facebook page is below, and there you will find location and schedule information. I have also listed some of the local farms that we love to support, and we hope you will too!