Our Plant Varieties

Little Waldo Farm is not a certified organic farm, but I strive to meet the highest standards for organic growing practices. I do not use pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers on the farm. I do occasionally bring in compost, potting and gardening soils from outside sources, and do my best to be selective in their compositions. I also occasionally purchase transplants from other local and reputable sources. I participate in seed collecting from those crops that do best in our growing conditions, and support heirloom seed exchanges.

In 2015, 2018 and again this past year, I participated in seed trials with the University of Minnesota Extension under the Extension Master Gardeners program. In 2015, I grew 6 varieties each of patty pan squash, Asian greens, and thyme, reporting back at harvest time on the productivity, disease, pest damage, and flavor preference of each group of trials. In 2018 I grew 6 varieties of yellow bush beans and flowering sage. This year I grew 6 varieties of snap peas, and golden beets. This is 100% a volunteer process, and myself as well as the farm are in no way endorsed by the University of Minnesota. These trials are a wonderful citizen science opportunity, and I encourage you to find citizen science projects that fall withing your own interests. Citizen science is a great way to actively participate in fundamental research, which enhances the livelihoods of us all. Check out the links throughout our site for other great citizen science projects I love to participate in, and look for these delicious fruit and vegetable varieties at our local Two Harbors Farmers Market.

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Hot Peppers
Lettuces and Endives
Onions, leeks, garlic
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Root crops
Spinach, Chard, and Asian Greens
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Sweet and bell peppers