Rain Garden

A rain garden is typically a shallow depression which collects excess water or runoff, from surrounding property. The plants grown in a rain garden help to filtrate the runoff as it collects in the garden. It is important to choose good, hardy plants that can tolerate a wide range of conditions when planting a rain garden. Ours features blue and yellow flag iris, cattails, sandbar willow, red osier dogwood, Canadian anemone and other bee friendly, hardy plants. Yellow Flag Iris is now listed as an invasive species. If you choose to plant this particular iris, it is recommended to plant it well away from any other existing water way. The plant spreads only by rhizome, but will spread fast when it has access to favorable habitat, out competing our native blue-flag iris, as well as other native vegetation. This creates several problems for wildlife populations that rely on the previous existing habitat.  It is best to choose native plants for your region as these plants are adapted to your particular soil properties and environmental conditions. Using native plants helps to stabilize our soils, slow and filter excess run-off which keeps our precious freshwater clean, and they feed our insects and wildlife.











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